C-Herb is an amazing product! Given what it can do, we should label it the miracle salve! It is a dark paste used for the removal of moles, warts and any other type of skin abnormalities, including skin cancers. As effective as it is, C-Herb will not harm any skin tissue that does not have an abnormality. In fact, if you have a suspicious looking place on your skin, apply the C-Herb. If the cells are not infected with any virus or cancer, the C-Herb will not affect the suspicious spot in any way. If the cells are infected, it will eliminate it for you. It is an incredible diagnostic herb that doesn't require a medical degree.


  • C-Herb removes infected skin tissue and may leave a scar, use with caution on areas like your face.
  • Store in a cool place away from sunlight.
  • Do not apply more than five consecutive applications on any skin abnormality. Overuse (too much or too long) can increase the chance of scarring.
  • Apply to only one skin abnormality at a time. If you have several abnormalities that need C-Herb, choose one and wait until it heals before moving to the next one.
  • It will act only on abnormal skin conditions. It will not help the body remove liver spots (sun spots) because this is a pigmentation issue, not sick skin cells.
  • PAIN! There are cases where people experience pain during the use of C-Herb, particularly large moles and warts on the fingers. It does not mean anything is wrong. It indicates the body is performing its own surgery on diseased tissue.


Apply a very small amount of C-Herb on the tissue that you want to remove. APPLY with a toothpick, do not touch the C-herb or use metal to apply it. DO NOT OVER USE the C-Herb. A tiny amount that covers the surface area is all that is necessary. Once applied, cover with a bandage to hold the herb in place for 24 hours.

c-herbThe second application should be applied approximately 24 hours later. Remove the bandage and wash or shower if desired, then apply a second application of C-Herb to the area. Use a toothpick and only cover the surface of the spot. The second application will usually produce a 'pinking' of the area. By the third day, you will typically find the affected areas tissue is getting darker or turning white. It is very important that you watch for a white ring of infection either surrounding one or all of the affected tissues being used with the C-Herb. If this is not visible after 2 applications, continue as indicated on days 1 and 2 up to, but NEVER MORE THAN 5 applications or days total.

After the white ring appears (or 5 days), whichever happens first, STOP using the C-Herb. It may be helpful to apply Liquid Detox lightly over and around the affected area to assist the affected tissues in continuing the process. Within a few days the core of the affected tissues will fall out and leave a small, pink crater. Most soft tissue growths, such as cancers and moles, will separate from the skin in much the same manner as a scab dries and separates. When the cancer, mole or wart is removed, the entire root system is gone, and a pink hole of healthy tissue is left in its place. DO NOT pick or pull on the tissue trying to fall out, let it happen naturally.

Once the growth tissue falls out, it is important to apply our Healing Salve to this area twice a day, covered with a bandage. Check to make sure that the area heals from the bottom and does not close over from the top as this can leave a cavity which could cause a cyst. It generally takes 7-14 days for the body to generate new healthy tissue and the crater to fill in completely, depending on the original size. It may take several months for the skin tissue to fully heal and return to normal color.

Warts require you to scrape off the tough, callous-like tissue on top (without making it bleed) before applying C-Herb. Once down to the 'pink' flesh of the wart, apply as directed for moles. NOTE: Often a wart will turn very white and get sore. When the wart has turned white, you may want to take a sterile needle and gently poke the top. Then GENTLY press the sides of the wart until a "seed" comes out (the size of a seed in a concord grape) and the pain will stop almost immediately. If GENTLE pressure does not push the seed out, it is not ready.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (all forms of skin cancer) Most skin cancer is localized and should be treated by applying the C-Herb in the same way you would treat a mole. If treating an area larger than a dime, use the Healing Salve. This treatment takes longer but does not cause an area of disruption larger you can manage.

Canker and Cold Sores These should be treated by placing a small drop of C-Herb on the canker, cold sore or fever blister and leaving it on only until it can be felt. This usually takes a few seconds, do not leave on longer than 30 seconds. Wipe off the C-Herb immediately. This procedure may be repeated twice a day if needed.

Cyst Apply for 5 consecutive days. If you do not notice a change, wait two days and re-apply for as many as 5 more days. DO NOT apply any more. You might have to wait a while, even up to a month, for your immune system to respond and finalize its healing process. Keep the area clean and covered with a band-aid. The cyst may not fall out of the body, it may be absorbed, either way the process requires time and patience. Trust your body's own ability to eliminate the unhealthy tissue and rebuild healthy tissue.

Water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark, mineral salts and proprietary herbs.


Fix your skin cancers at home.

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