Addiction is defined as the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse consequences. The consequence does not have to be a physical health hazard as induced by cigarettes, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, etc. Your addiction may be causing you stress at a level that will eventually create psychological or neurological issues, which often manifest physically as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, dementia, autoimmune disease, etc. Perhaps a bit more accurate description for addiction should be, "Anything that impairs control over a substance, behavior or preoccupation." When you see it this way, in all likelihood, we all have one addiction or another, probably several. Maybe going to the gym is your addiction, or that next tattoo, or having to dress in the designer clothes, perhaps have the best car or making a certain amount of money, even religion can become an addiction.

Do you eat healthy as a general principle, or is it so strict and rigid that you do it because you fear the consequence of an un healthy lifestyle? Does the way you appear, act, behave, or come across to others in any feed your ego? Anything that preoccupies your time, your money, energy, emotion, even your thoughts, is an addiction. Wow! I think we all have this disorder, but you will see why below.

The opposite of addiction is to be in the moment and have no judgment about any person, thing, or circumstance. When you no longer try to control the outcome, when you can simply BE in the moment and participate in life rather than control any particular outcome, you have conquered all addiction. One of the problems with addiction is that no matter what your particular addiction is, you have probably found a way to rationalize it so you believe it to be a positive attribute. For example, you are always working, always thinking about that next deal, that next sale, but it is not an addiction because it is working toward retirement, or it is to supply for your family. In the proverbial 20/20 hindsight, do you think your children are better off with the latest gadgets because you had money, or would they have been better off with more of your time instead?

If you spend so much time and money trying to look just right, having the designer brands so you can impress, well, whomever it is, but what does it really gain you long term? Stress! If you can't leave the house dirty to take your kids to the park, or sit and read them a story, or just take a nap because you have worked hard all week and your body is more important than the task, what does that priority issue gain you long term? Stress! What are the real priorities in life, or better yet, what pain are you masking? For all addictions, from the small ones to the life threatening ones, are developed to self soothe some old emotional pain.

Our psychological profile is set by the time we are 7 years old. Keep in mind that this does not mean you were abused per se, our mental profile was set by the perception of what you thought was true or real. If we did not receive the love, time or acceptance as a child, we develop ways to control that and try to fulfill it. That is the root of your addiction. Talk therapy, psychology, AA meetings, rehab, none of these are going to help fix that root. Medication and antidepressants certainly do not contribute to a cure. They may help you cope, but if you do not heal the old emotional pain that drove you to that addiction, you will never truly heal.

Every emotional pain creates an actual chemical response in your brain and our addictions literally create chemical responses to satisfy the illusion of happiness. From drug addict, to neat freak, to OCD to workaholic to religious fanatic, they are all symptoms of chemical responses induced to help us cope with the side effect of the original pain mechanism. While the psychological profile (old emotional pain) is different for each person, the chemicals responsible for any addiction are almost always neurotransmitters in some combination. Those are very often additionally disrupted by the childhood vaccines that most people have recieved. And so I offer you the listed protocol to help. The Super Nutrient is listed to provide essential vitamins and minerals needed for what has surely become depleted.

In addition (a very important addition), one of the best things to regain emotion control is fasting. Beyond that, start with books and teachings by Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and teachers along that line that help bring awareness to our inner selves.

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Addiction Relief Remedy

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Brain Support Remedy

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Neurotransmitters Support Remedy

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Vaccine/Injection Detox Remedy

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Super Nutrient

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